Many attorneys highlight their different areas of legal expertise in their websites, listing the many areas of law in which they are knowledgeable and experienced.  Certainly, no one will deny the importance of legal knowledge and experience.  However, we believe this is only part of the equation for effective legal representation.

With effective negotiating and mediating skills, the impact of an attorney’s legal knowledge and experience is amplified.

A strong mediator will bring two sides closer to agreement, and a strong negotiator will turn the other side and/or the deciding arbiter to favor his client’s position.

Even when agreement cannot be reached, negotiating and mediating skills will yield other benefits such as the truth of the other side’s bargaining position, or the discovery of their concealed strategies. 

Negotiation and mediation are valuable skills, and yet are overlooked by most firms. We assign significant emphasis to these qualifications –listing them separately for attention and consideration.

We believe good legal representation is more than the regurgitation of knowledge and experience.  In turn, we highlight these skills of negotiation and mediation within our firm by training all our personnel to focus not only on the substance of the law, but also on the means of implementing it strategically.

Whether it involves resolving contract terms, implementing internal/external legal strategies, addressing regulatory matters, enforcement or courtroom litigation, our counsels’ skills of negotiation and mediation will make the difference.

Atherton.  We make it happen.



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