Starfish and the Spider


Atherton seeks to borrow from some of the keen insights of a business networking strategy espoused by Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom in their acclaimed book of the same name.  The principles applied here are those of utilizing networks to share knowledge and experience effectively, as well as the reinforcement of leadership at each point of the organization and not at a single central source.  

As such, our corporate strategy is to seek independent minded lawyers who are self-confident and reliable, share with them our firm's wealth of knowledge and experience through a community of networks that goes beyond our firm's doors, and create in each of them the leadership skills needed to help our clients accomplish their goals, not merely by identifying potential obstacles, but also by offering effective solutions.

We are like the starfish, whose individual cells work as a team for the success of the body as a whole.  We are unlike the spider which cannot move or function without its central body, and which will hobble and fall if one or more of its legs are damaged.


For our clients who are interested in learning more, please follow this link to the author's website and information about the book.


The Starfish and the Spider



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